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Aeronautical Charts for iPad Makes Pilots’ Lives a Whole Lot Simpler―and Safer

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Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd. has announced the release of Aeronautical Charts, an advanced document viewer that allows for the display of highly detailed documents at high magnifications. According to the article’s author, airlines are contemplating the move to “paperless cockpits,” with many airlines and pilots taking advantage of the technology being made available via the iPad.

Aeronautical Charts allows pilots to view highly detailed documents at magnifications as much as 40x the size of the original. The application offers several useful features including rapid scrolling, minimal display lag, dropbox integration, printing capabilities, internal and external bookmarking and pagination, the ability to access quick-view thumbnails so that pilots can peruse the available charts, and many more.

Pilots are quickly realizing that Aeronautical Charts is something that could eventually be considered as essential, since the application can determine their location, aid in safety concerns and determine the best route to their destinations.

Click here for this interesting article on new technology that’s making pilots’ lives a whole lot simpler―and safer.


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