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DBXTools—Magritte Scaffolding—Phoseydon

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DBXTools—Magritte Scaffolding—Phoseydon

What is Phoseydon?
It is a tool aimed to model and create applications easily, as Ruby does with Rails or python with Django.  You describe a model, and from that model a relational database + an object model + an ORM mapping are fed from that model.

What does Phoseydon beta includes?
By now, it reads a database schema, builds a model description from it and then allows us to:

  • Write classes from that description.
  • Serialize that description as Magritte descriptions on the created classes.
  • Build a Glorp mapping from that description.

Glorp descriptions right now support Simple mappings (Strings, numbers, booleans..), OneToOne relationships, and ManyToOne relationships.

What does it do in the background?
It tries to explode Magritte benefits to create apps.  The model’s description is just a magritte descrition, so our class writer, magritte serializer and Glorp mapping builder use magritte visitors to consume that information.

This allows people to build i.e. SOAP web services from these same magritte descriptions.

Where is the documentation?
Download info from:
First Phoseydon doc:

What is to come?

  • Editing your model descriptions in runtime.
  • Create your model descriptions without a database.
  • More easy Glorp mappings support :) (like embedding objects, inheritance and more collections kinds).

Please, feel free to provide feedback, critics and suggestions :).  You’ll find the project’s issue tracker and mailing list @

The DBXTalk Team


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