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Smalltalk Used to Create Space Wars Game

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Smalltalk Used to Create Space Wars Game

David Buck, Founder and CEO of Cincom partner, Simberon, Inc., recently shared a story of how his 11-year-old son, Tyler, wanted to learn how to program so that he could write his own games. Being that Tyler wasn’t content with simplistic, less-complicated games, David told him about a game that he wrote back in the 80’s based on a science-fiction TV series from that time. As Tyler’s interest grew, the two of them started to work on a “Space Wars” game.

David and Tyler used Smalltalk to write the project, which has been progressing steadily. David has decided to share their experience in a blog post that describes their accomplishments so far as well as a video showing their progress.

In addition to the fact that the project allows father and son to spend quality time together, it also demonstrates Smalltalk’s creative capabilities and versatility.

To find out more about this interesting project, click here.


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