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Getting Ready for Smalltalk in the Cloud

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Getting Ready for Smalltalk in the Cloud

Wednesday morning’s presentation of ‘Smalltalk in the Cloud’ will include an optional hands-on portion where you can try out the cloud. If you want to prepare for that you can follow the directions at with some changes:

1.    Install Ruby and Rubygems (if they aren’t present on your machine).

2.    You do not need to apply for a Cloud Foundry account. We have our own cloud for this demo and I have pre-allocated an account for you.

3.    Instead of installing the standard ‘vmc’ gem, we will use a special ‘vmc-stic’ gem. On the Mac the following command should work:

sudo gem install vmc-stic

4.    Tell VMC which cloud you will use:

vmc target

5.    Login to our cloud:

vmc login --email [ ]--passwd DayZA5

6.    Change your password (when prompted enter a new password):

vmc passwd

7.    In a new directory create a test application (we will start with a Sinatra application on Ruby) named env.rb:

# beginning of env.rb file
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
configure do
      disable :protection
get '/' do
      host = ENV['VMC_APP_HOST']
      port = ENV['VMC_APP_PORT']
      "<h1>Hello to STIC from the Cloud! via: #{host}:#{port}</h1>"
get '/env' do
      res = ''
      ENV.each do |k, v|
            res << "#{k}: #{v}<br/>"
# end of env.rb file

8.    From that directory push the application to the cloud (include your name in your application name to make it unique, e.g., joe-ruby):

vmc push MYAPP -n

9.    From a web browser, navigate to and and see the result.

10.   Increase the number of instances:

vmc instances MYAPP +1

11.   Refresh the web page a few times and observe that the port number changes occasionally.

12.   Delete your application:

vmc delete MYAPP

We will discuss these things and more!

James Foster


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