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Public Store Repository Adds New Packages

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Public Store Repository Adds New Packages

Two, small “REST”-related packages have just been replicated to the public store repository.  For now, they are for Cincom® VisualWorks® only.  The two packages are:

  1. WebAssets – Extension via subclassing of assets that overrides all imports so that assets are imported as byte arrays.  It also has methods for looking “inside” an asset that is a zip file.
  2. SwazooPragmaResource – Provides a SwazooResource (response handler) that uses Pragmas to determine the appropriate action for a request.

Basically SwazooPragmaResource is similar to Seaside-REST, but not as well designed or tested. Load the SwazooPragmaResourceDemo to see a sample of using this package and Swazoo server setup code.

These two packages were developed so that SwazooAmberHost could be created. See and the class comments in AmberResource for information on how to set up your server.

Although it’s not quite working yet, another package is in the works that includes publishing amber code to VisualWorks (just held in Strings, not parsed, etc.).  This is similar to Amber Skeleton ( or Kaliningrad (


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