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A Slightly Belated “Happy New Year!” From All of Us at Instantiations

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A Slightly Belated “Happy New Year!” From All of Us at Instantiations

…and thanks for another great year of both financial and technical growth! Thanks to a nicely balanced mix of new customers, expansion within existing customers, and our great base of ongoing users we closed Fiscal 2012 at the end of December with solid growth in both top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability. 2012 or “Year 2 PG” (post-Google) also saw numerous accomplishments on other fronts:

  • The VA Smalltalk technical team released two new versions of VAST (v8.5.1 in March and v8.5.2 in September) which are available for download at . These new releases include cool new features like Code Completion, Log4s, time zone support, a Monticello importer and much more.
  • In March co-founder Eric Clayberg gave the keynote at the annual STIC (Smalltalk Industry Council) conference in Biloxi, MS.
  • We partnered with a technical team at the University of Chile/Object Profile SpA on the development of a powerful open source agile visualization engine called Roassal for VA Smalltalk. We expect to see useful and interesting results during 2013.
  • …and again Instantiations sponsored and participated in major Smalltalk events on three continents (STIC in the US, ESUG in Belgium, and Smalltalks 2012 in Argentina).

We continue to invest strongly in moving VA Smalltalk forward technically so that your important Smalltalk systems stay modern, stable and well-supported. Our two major goals are to protect your Smalltalk investments and to provide a solid path forward for your developers and end-users.

Thanks again for your continued support. We hope you have a successful 2013!

Mike Taylor
President & CEO


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