About STIC

The Smalltalk Industry Council is your one stop shop for implementing neutral Smalltalk information. The STIC mission is fairly simple: to promote Smalltalk on behalf of the Smalltalk community.

Or, as Georg Heeg, our director said:

"To say it in other words, STIC is Cincom’s, GemTalk Systems' and Instantiations’ lobby organization for vendor-neutral Smalltalk lobbying. To some extent we include Squeak and the other vendors in our lobbying. This implies that the executives of Cincom, GemStone and Instantiations share this point of view and also see STIC as their vendor-neutral Smalltalk lobbying organization. This new strategy is the base for tactical decisions and actions. This includes web presence, placing of Smalltalk Solutions, visible collaboration with all board member marketing activities and other messaging to individual members and most importantly to strangers."



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