Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council is designed to promote Smalltalk education and community growth by creating year-round programs that will enrich the community and build interest for Smalltalk.  Our plan is to meet with those currently involved in Smalltalk academics and create programs that support the community throughout the year.

Council Members

Smalltalk Academic Advisory Council

  • For questions about this program or your interest in being a part of it, please contact Suzanne Fortman at
  • To subscribe to updates about the Academic Advisory Council, click here.

Smalltalk Directions

During the 2012 Smalltalk Industry Conference, we will be incorporating a track for the presentation of refereed research papers, which will be called Smalltalk Directions.

  • For more information about the Smalltalk Directions Symposium, click here.


  • For a list of academic institutions, currently using Smalltalk around the world, click here.
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