Amber – Smalltalk Brought to the Web

By John Thornton –

John "JohnnyT" ThorntonPresentation Download:  Amber – Smalltalk Brought to the Web Download (14.5 MB ZIP)

Amber is an implementation of the Smalltalk-80 language that runs on top of the JavaScript runtime. With Amber, client-side web development finally gets the power and productivity that has existed for decades in other Smalltalk dialects.

This presentation will:

  • Demo a real world example of how Amber has been introduced into existing web applications written in Ruby
  • Show how to access and quickly wrap existing JavaScript libraries (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Maps, Ace editor)
  • Show how to edit, inspect, test, debug and save client-side code live, all from within a web browser
  • Discuss how Amber can be easily incorporated into existing web applications – regardless of the back-end (Ruby/Rails, PHP, Seaside, etc) and how it can co-exist with existing client-side JavaScript

When Avi Bryant created Clamato – which Amber is based on – he said “the main objective is to have a more pleasant environment in which to write the client-side of web applications.”

Amber brings this Smalltalk environment, not just the language, to client-side web development. Amber is a way to expose more people to the joy of development in a Smalltalk environment without the commitment of changing existing back-end technologies.


Video Presentation

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