Continuous Integration—A Practical Approach

Maikel VandorpeBy Maikel

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Continuous integration is the practice where members of a development team integrate their work frequently. Usually each of them integrates at least daily, which leads to multiple integrations per day. To detect errors, each integration is verified by an automated build and test. This approach is generally found to lead to a significant reduction of integration problems, which in turn allows teams to develop cohesive software even in a limited time frame. In theory, tests should arrive within 15 minutes. However, in reality we find that this is not often the case. At MediaGenix NG there are 30 developers working on the same product, each of them building several new versions per day. For these new versions some 30.000 tests need to be run to check for errors. This makes it clear that theory and practice differ greatly. This presentation offers insights on a practical approach to continuous integration by means of continuous testing where you cannot expect results within 15 minutes but where you sometimes want a result as soon as possible.


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