New Smalltalk Projects

Georg HeegBy Georg

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Over many years, new Smalltalk Projects were a big hope. Continue existing Smalltalk projects, keeping them alive, improving them, was reality. These existing Smalltalk projects have been so shining, so resistant against moving them away to other technologies that in 2011 the first new big project started. A senior manager in the software industry had the idea to significantly improve the customer experience, moving away from customer relationship. His idea was guidance. Guidance even is a totally new metaphor in human machine interaction, it preserves the free will of the user to run an interactions while not leaving her/him alone in the woods of arbitrary choices. This manager was looking for an appropriate technology to make his ideas become true. Looking around he found that Smalltalk was his choice. The story of this project will be the main topic of the presentation, but meanwhile this project is not alone. A new innovative startup contacted us and we got a request to port a Java application to Smalltalk in January 2012.


Video Presentation

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