Object-Centric Profiling: Advanced Visualizations to Tame Wild Execution

Alexandre BergelBy Alexandre Bergel (alexandre.bergel@me.com)   and Vanessa Peña

Presentation Download:  Object-Centric Profiling: Advanced Visualizations to Tame Wild Execution Download (764 KB)

Programming environments have tremendously evolved over the last decade. However, this evolution is not uniform. The range of tools available to analyze the execution is still limited and based on a fixed and static representation of source code. As a consequence, applications are profiled along their static structure, in terms of methods and classes, instead of the real elements that made up a computation: objects and messages. Code execution profiling is a weak point of most programming languages and environment.

In this presentation, we will present and demonstrate state-of-the-Art profilers, which output sexy graphical representations of code execution and test coverage. These profilers have been successfully used in numerous large projects.


Video Presentation

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