pdf4smalltalk-based Report Framework

By Bob Nemec – bnemec@cherniaksoftware.com

Bob NemecPresentation Download:  pdf4smalltalk-based Report Framework Download (1.27 MB)

At ESUG 2011 Christian Haider presented a framework for building PDF documents from VW Smalltalk. This deep and complex tool is intended to be the bottom layer of a PDF report framework. It provides a rich set of tools for building the PDF document output, but creating the report output is your responsibility. We have built a PDF Report framework that uses pdf4smalltalk. It handles the basics, like layout, alignment, justification, margins, padding, lines, tables, fonts and images. We find it to be a handy tool for building reports in Seaside applications, since the documents can be created on the server and then be provided as PDF documents to the browser for local printing.

This presentation will show how PDF Report builds report content and how it interfaces to pdf4smalltalk. We will also discuss our long term plans for the framework, which include migration to VA Smalltalk and GemStone.


Video Presentation


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