Practical Git for Smalltalk

Dale HenrichsBy Dale

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Historically, Smalltalk has not been able to take advantage of standard revision control systems like git, svn, cvs, etc.  Smalltalk developers and Smalltalk tools are focused on manipulating objects in the image and not on producing file-based artifacts.

As a testament to this fact, Smalltalkers have resorted to inventing their own revision control systems and each Smalltalk dialect has their own flavor of revision control system.  Leveraging the work of Max Leske, Camillo Bruni and Otto Behrens,

I have begun a project[1] based on Monticello and Metacello that is aimed at making it practical for developers to use git and github for managing and sharing their Smalltalk source code.

In this talk I will share with you the details behind the project.



Video Presentation

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