Arden Thomas

Arden Thomas
Arden Thomas

Abstract One: Building a Business with Cincom Smalltalk™

Abstract Two: Cincom Smalltalk Product News

Arden Thomas started using Smalltalk in 1986, when he was researching and exploring better ways to do software development.  He found it! Smalltalk and object-oriented were such a profoundly improved approach to software development, that he made a full commitment to using Smalltalk.

Arden used Smalltalk in his post-graduate work thesis and projects, as well as building applications for factory floor control for IBM. Arden has worked for Parcplace Systems, ParcPlace-Digitalk, and ObjectShare  in a number of capacities including; developer, trainer, architect, consultant, and sales SE.

Arden worked for a hedge fund, which ran hundreds of applications in VisualWorks 24/7 to provide traders with decision making information and tools.

Arden Thomas is currently the product manager of Cincom Smalltalk.

Arden has a blog titled “Less is More” which is an interesting principle, as well as a reference to an attractive design philosophy of Smalltalk.

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