Modern Web Development with Dart

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Large web applications are much too difficult to build. We need better support for encapsulated widgets that get values from models automatically, libraries that coexist well, and much better tools. And all of this needs to be simple, easy to write, highperformance, and crossbrowser.

The Dart language, libraries, and tooling are designed for just these needs. An opensource project sponsored by Google, Dart features a Smalltalklike object model, Erlanglike isolates, and Selflike optimizations. While it can run in its own VM it also compiles to efficient Javascript to run in any browser. A classbased model, clean semantics, and a static type system help tooling and code understanding, but the type system favors simplicity over rigor and can be ignored when it gets in the way of working code. Dart also includes an IDE for iterative development and debugging, and comprehensive Dart libraries for web APIs, including important emerging standards like web components. This presentation will talk about #dartlang in the context of how it can help build a large, modern web application, and how it could become an appealing frontend for Smalltalk applications.

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