The S8 Smalltalk Platform

Alejandro Reimondo
skype: aleReimondo

S8 is a platform to execute smalltalk semantics on top of javascript execution engines. It will be presented the way we run S8 smalltalk in multiple hosting environments (e.g. web, server side, .Net, android devices, etc) and how this possibilities enable smalltalkers to learn how to avoid the conflict imposed by old client-provider model imposed by the virtual machine idea(l).

A modern formulation of development using smalltalk require new tools for sharing open implementations, U8 a service for social software development using Smalltalk, is used to host open frameworks and interfaces to be loaded dynamically by web applications running S8 (we all know the importance of frameworks and integration with existing libraries worldwide).

In short, S8 is the support for doing modern development using smalltalk, and let us (smalltalkers) evolve taking resposibility to execute and move our objects to new execution environments.

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