Alejandro Reimondo

Alejandro Reimondo has been working with Smalltalk from 1987. He implemented the first enterprise level Smalltalk system deployed in Argentina. Ever since he has been activelly involved in the promotion and use of Smalltalk. He was one of the founders of SUGAR, the first Spanish speaking Smalltalk user group about and repository of Smalltalk “goodies” for which Ale has contributed the vast majority.

He wrote the first implementations of embedded Squeak in web pages.  Founded Smalltalking (april 2001), a non-proffit association for the research and promotion of new points of view development using Object-oriented frameworks. Ale is actively involved in development of complete Smalltalk environments, from VM design to the application layer with the core objective of securing to preserve the investment made in legacy frameworks and enviroments in the context of the ever changing world of software development.

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