Allen Wirfs-Brock

Allen Wirfs-Brock is a Research Fellow for Mozilla and is the project editor for the ECMAScript Language Specification, the standard that defines JavaScript. He is a software architect and entrepreneur  and is an expert in  dynamic, object-oriented programming languages and their implementation. Prior to his work with JavaScript he was deeply involved in the industrialization of the Smalltalk programming language. When Allen is not working on JavaScript he is thinking and writing about the on-going  emergence of the era of Ambient Computing.

Allen was a member of the original Tekronix Smalltalk review team and became the technical champion for Smalltalk at Tektronix. He originated the technical concept for the 4404 and was the architect and lead implementer of all of the higher performance Tek Smalltalk implementations. Subsequent to Tektronix he was a founder of Instantiation Inc, VP at Digitalk, and Chief Scientist at ParcPlace-­‐Digitalk.   He led development of the Team/V development environment and was one of the primary authors of the 1998 ANSI Smalltalk standard.

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