Dave Robson

Dave Robson joined the Xerox PARC Learning Research Group in 1974. He contributed to several Smalltalk systems: Smalltalk-74 (the first Smalltalk in which classes were represented as first class objects), Smalltalk-76, Smalltalk-78, and Smalltalk-80. He coauthored, with Adele Goldberg, the first book on Smalltalk, “Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation”. He later became a research manager at PARC, Quality Officer for Xerox Research and Technology, and Vice President of Human Resources for the Xerox Innovation Group. He retired from Xerox in 2007. He is currently the Chief of Staff at Willow Garage, a personal robotics R&D company in Menlo Park. He lives with his wife Karla outside Sacramento.

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