Evelyn Van Orden

Evelyn Van Orden worked at Xerox Special Information Systems (XSIS) in Pasadena, CA from 1979-1992. As a member of the Publishing Systems Department, Evelyn developed software tools for creating and editing fonts for Xerox’s new line of laser printers. Then, in December 1979, Evelyn’s life changed when her colleague Alan Paeth showed her Smalltalk-76 on an Alto. She and Alan quickly developed Quicksilver aka PubEditor, an interactive page layout editor in Smalltalk-76. Evelyn’s demonstrations of PubEditor led to lucrative contracts with R.R. Donnelley and the US Government Intelligence Community.

In 1983, as Smalltalk Products Manager, Evelyn transferred Smalltalk-80 from Xerox PARC and engineered, documented, beta-tested, packaged, and marketed the commercial system in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Smalltalk-80 was used as the development and delivery platform for The Analyst, Analyst Spreadsheet Package (ASP), World Map, and HUMBLE Expert System Shell. Evelyn was one of the original organizers of the ACM OOPSLA’86 Conference.

Currently, Evelyn is Director of the Smalltalk 30 Year Reunion Celebration at STIC’13.

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