Stephen Travis Pope

Stephen Travis Pope is an seasoned software/hardware engineer, strategic manager and intellectual property expert. He has an extensive track-record developing and fielding large systems in Smalltalk, C, C++ and Java for applications such as multimedia data processing and delivery, reliable web services, computer graphics, database systems, virtual environments, numerical/statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence.     Stephen studied at Cornell University, the Vienna Music Academy, and the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg, receiving degrees and certificates in electrical engineering, recording engineering and music theory and composition. He lived in Europe (Austria, France and Germany) from 1977-86, and spent several years there since then (in Holland, Germany and Sweden).    He was lucky enough to be exposed to LISP at Cornell in the mid-1970s, and to work with both MIT LISP machines and Xerox Altos, so he “got it” when a friend showed him the August 1981 Byte Magazine issue on Smalltalk. He first got access to Smalltalk through Georg Heeg while working at PCS Computers in Munich in 1984, and Joined ParcPlace Systems in 1986.    From 1996-2010 he taught and conducted research at the University of California Santa Barbara (in the Depts. of Music, Computer Science, and as founding faculty of the Graduate Program in Media Arts and Technology) . He is currently active as a software development contractor and intellectual property expert through FASTLab.    Stephen is also active as a composer, film-maker and social activist; his award-winning music and video compositions are released through HeavenEverywhere Media.

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