picoLARC…The Best Ideas All At Once

picoLARC is designed to be a collection of lisp dialects each of which mimics in style some other programming language like LambdaLisp ( Scheme + Smalltalk ) , PrologLisp , CLisp , C++Lisp , AssemblerLisp , SmalltalkLisp , MLLisp , HaskellLisp , F#Lisp , JavaLisp , C#Lisp , RubyLisp etc. A novel form of method dispatch optimizes leaf cases in LambdaLisp which could be used in Smalltalk also. It makes method lookup equivalent to Array lookup or no lookup at all in a large number of significant cases. An OOP macro system spans all the different dialects. Each dialect can be embedded into all the others except where that causes exceptions. picoLARC is to be implemented first out of Smalltalk and not C. If the Borg will exist then picoLARC will be their language. It is desiged to assimilate all other languages and perfect them by turning them into lisp dialects. Lisp is the best syntax( fullfilling all expressiveness and flexible power except the universal human need for mediocrity ). You can define parenthesis variously like indenting and CrLf if you like. It uses macro Characters. It has a tree based non text editor debugger in addition to Smalltalk like text based ones. Smalltalk has the best Class Hierarchy so each dialect builds on that in style and content. picoLARC takes the best of all languages and combines them into a perfected unified whole. Once picoLARC gets going nothing can stop it. It’s modular and clean and dirty at the same time. Give it a chance to get going. The best ideas all at once. It is a singularity and it ushers in the singularity. It only lacks momentum. A spark to get it going.


For more information about the speakers at Smalltalk Solutions 2011, see below:


I am really looking forward to Smalltalk Solutions 2011. Over the last couple of years, Smalltalk has again improved, has become a very strong system to professionally model complex situations throughout the industries. And runs mission critical system 24/7. I am eager to learn more at Smalltalk Solutions 2011!–- Georg Heeg, STIC Executive Director

Smalltalk Solutions has always been an interesting conference, with lots of great presentations. I always leave with my head full of new ideas!–- Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager

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