Scratch(ing) the Apple

The Squeak VM runs on iOS. Why? This is a question well worth investigating! As a device, the iPhone is quite capable of running the VM. The barrier to entry is not its hardware, but the controlling factors around what is allowable!  Come hear how the Smalltalk community yet again moved “the mountain”! Also… why virtual machines & interpreters now run on your favourite iOS device, and why we are not Chelsea Isaacs!  When “the mountain” rumbles, what can you do once you have it’s attention? Lots of course! You just need an idea. Something that 90 million people will buy! Obviously that is the trick…and Smalltalk is known for it’s ability to play tricks…We’ve an App for that!


For more information about the speakers at Smalltalk Solutions 2011, see below:


I am really looking forward to Smalltalk Solutions 2011. Over the last couple of years, Smalltalk has again improved, has become a very strong system to professionally model complex situations throughout the industries. And runs mission critical system 24/7. I am eager to learn more at Smalltalk Solutions 2011!–- Georg Heeg, STIC Executive Director

Smalltalk Solutions has always been an interesting conference, with lots of great presentations. I always leave with my head full of new ideas!–- Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager

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