Smalltalk Solutions 2011 Speakers

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Avi Bryant (Twitter)

Avi Bryant was one of the originators of the Seaside web framework and the Monticello version control system, and co-founder and co-CEO of Smallthought Systems, the company behind Dabble DB. Avi now works at Twitter, which acquired Smallthought in 2010. For more, see Avi’s Twitter account at

John McIntosh (Smalltalk Consulting, Inc.)

John McIntosh lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. He has spent the last 15 years working on numerous Smalltalk projects; most notably the Squeak/Tweak based “Sophie” app for the Future of the Book. John has recently stepped down from a ten year tenure as the official builder & maintainer of the Squeak Macintosh Virtual Machine. He is responsible for porting Squeak and MIT’s “Scratch” application to the IOS platform.  John is currently working on various IOS-related projects. Several of his Smalltalk-based applications are available in the Apple App store. John’s most recent efforts resulted in discussions with upper-management at Apple Inc, and were directly responsible for bringing about company policy changes to allow virtual machines and interpreters into the store.  For more, visit

Florin Mateoc

Florin Mateoc is a professional programmer for more than 20 years. He has programmed in Fortran, assembly, Basic, C, C++, Smalltalk, Java and C#. He is not a Smalltalk bigot, he does not think that Smalltalk is either perfect or the end of the evolutionary line of programming languages. He just thinks that nothing better has come along yet. Since discovering Smalltalk in 1995, he has worked with Enfin/ObjectStudio, VisualWorks and VisualAge and he has played with Squeak. He has especially enjoyed developing tools: he has contributed improvements to the profilers in VisualWorks, he has developed collaboration (patch and release management) and comparison tools on top of Envy, he has worked on type inferencing for Smalltalk and on source to source transformations as well as automatic translation from Smalltalk to Java.

Alexander Augustin (Georg Heeg eK)

Alexander is a software engineer at Georg Heeg eK.

Leandro Caniglia (Caesar Systems)

Chief Technologist at Caesar Systems and President of the Argentine Smalltalk Foundation, FAST. Recent talks: Software Development (Smalltalks 2007), Extreme Validation (Smalltalk Solutions & ESUG 2007), Making the Most of User Changes (Smalltalk Solutions & ESUG 2008), Instance Specific Behavior for the Working Smalltalker (Smalltalks 2008 & ESUG 2009), Homological Algebra in Smalltalk (Smalltalks 2009), When will my Feature Be Ready (ESUG 2010), Inspecting Smalltalk (Smalltalks 2010).

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James Foster (VMware)

As a junior-high student in 1971, James discovered the local university’s computer center and a life-long obsession with computers began. He was introduced to Smalltalk/V for the Mac in the mid-90s, and became a Smalltalk bigot. James is on the Smalltalk Engineering team at VMware, and is a passionate advocate for GemStone and Seaside.

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Kjell Godo (Boeing)

Kjell is the co-creator of picoLARC , an investor trader of stocks and options and a Smalltalk programmer at Boeing.  He helped inspire IBM to make VA Smalltalk.  He also programmed a bank kiosk in Norway in TurboProlog and C that had zero bugs.  Kjell has BAs in Math CSci EE at The University of Washington. Born in 1958, the same month Lisp was born, in the U District of Seattle, Washington.  Kjell is the same age as Lisp.

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Norm Green (VMware)

Norm Green has been developing in Smalltalk since 1991, where he started his career at IBM Canada in Toronto. He joined GemStone Systems in 1996 as a Senior Consultant and has traveled the world helping GemStone customers with their systems and applications. In 1999, he led the GemStone team on the IRIS2 project at OOCL Inc., which is still, to this day, one of the largest GemStone and Smalltalk applications in the world. He now leads the GemStone Smalltalk Engineering team. Norm resides in Sherwood, Oregon, with his wife and two sons.

James Ladd

James has been developing code for 20+ years in a variety of languages and on various platforms. Smalltalk has always been a passion although he earns a living doing Java and Ruby. Teaching development and supporting others to find new tools and better ways to develop software is a major interest.

Michael Lucas-Smith (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

Michael Lucas-Smith is an engineer for Cincom Smalltalk in general and contributor to many open source Smalltalk projects.

Martin Kobetic  (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

Martin Kobetic has been a member of the Cincom Smalltalk development team since 2000, working primarily on various networking and security frameworks. Prior to that, he worked on TOPLink for Smalltalk (object-relational mapping) at The Object People. Martin presented a number of times at various Smalltalk events mostly on topics related to his work at Cincom Systems.

Diane Engles (Instantiations)

Diane Engles has over 10 years of experience in Smalltalk application development, tool development, and customer support. She first worked in Smalltalk at Federal Express developing a customer service call center application in Visualworks. She also worked at Silvermark on the team to port Test Mentor from VisualAge Smalltalk to Visualworks. After leaving Silvermark, Ms. Engles spent several years working as a Java developer. She was able to return to Smalltalk in 2005 as a Senior Developer for Instantiations and is extremely proud and happy to be part of the VA Smalltalk team.

Georg Heeg

Georg Heeg is the Founder and Owner of Georg Heeg eK.

Steven Baker

Steven has been developing software for over a decade, in a number of industries, and on a number of platforms. He finds beauty and joy in simplicity, and as a result is happiest in the beautiful simplicity of Smalltalk and Lisp. Steven enjoys building software that is maintainable and extensible, and helping others do the same.

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Arden Thomas (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

Arden Thomas got started with Smalltalk in 1986, looking for better ways to do software development. He is currently the Product Manager for Cincom Smalltalk.

Pat Maddox

Pat Maddox is a practicing programmer. He provides consulting for software projects and develops products through his micro-ISV Chicken Fried Software. His interests include automated testing, Ruby, Seaside, Agile, iOS programming, dog training, and cooking.

Samuel Shuster (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

Sam is the project lead for the Store project for VisualWorks at Cincom Systems, Inc. He also leads the Code Management (CM) project, which covers Store, as well as, all code reading, writing (File in, File out and Parcels), and Overrides. Even with all that going on, he recently quit smoking.

Tom Robinson (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

Tom Robinson works with Sam Shuster on Code Management and Store at Cincom Systems, Inc.  He is also responsible for making sure that 12,000 unit tests every week on each of Cincom Smalltalk’s supported platforms are completed.  Before being hired by Cincom, Tom worked for about 10 years as a Smalltalk contractor on banking, insurance and investment applications.  His first Smalltalk project was a aerospace factory floor exception handling system written in Smalltalk/V 286.  Tom lives in the Crystal River valley of Colorado, about 4 miles from a 13,000 foot peak.  His office features a wood stove.

John O’Keefe (Instantiations)

John O’Keefe is the Principal Smalltalk Architect at Instantiations. John has been in software development for over 40 years, with the first 25 years spent developing in everything from assembly language to PL/I and SNOBOL. John joined the original IBM Smalltalk prototype team in 1990 and was a founding member of the IBM VisualAge Smalltalk development team. He was Team Lead and Chief Architect of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk from 1997 to 2007. In February 2007, John retired from IBM and joined Instantiations to lead the VA Smalltalk development team.

Paul Baumann (IntercontinentalExchange, Inc)

Paul Baumann has programmed in Smalltalk since 1992 (other languages since 1984). It is common for him to refine complex code into simple and reusable frameworks that are then ported to multiple dialects. He has worked on many projects and in many industries. He prefers to tune code to perform beyond expectations. He frequently challenges vendors to incorporate improvements into their own products.

James Robertson

James Robertson has 20 years of experience in the software development industry as a line developer, a consultant, a pre/post sales engineer, and most recently, the Product Evangelist for Cincom Smalltalk. He is now an independent software consultant.  James has given talks at a number of industry conferences, including Smalltalk Solutions, Ot/SPA, LinuxWorld/NetworkWorld, ESUG, and XP/Agile conferences.  He is also the author of the BottomFeeder RSS/Atom news aggregator, of the Facebook connection for Smalltalk, and of a variety of other Smalltalk projects.  He is available for either fulltime or contract work.  James can be contacted at

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Donald MacQueen

Donald MacQueen has been developing software for over thirty years, the last thirteen of which have been working on JWARS. He spent more time on the project than anyone else, and was dubbed Maximus Chronos JWarrious.

Mike Hales (KnowledgeScape)

Mike Hales is a Metallurgical Engineer by training but has been working with Smalltalk for almost a decade. He currently is a partner and the lead developer at KnowledgeScape. He has created two commercial applications in Smalltalk, KSX and PlantVision. KSX is an expert system development environment for advanced process control and optimization. PlantVision is an image analysis application for mineral processing plants.

Martin McClure (VMware)

Martin was first intrigued by Smalltalk 35 years ago. After a frustrating ten-year wait he finally got his hands on a running Smalltalk system and hasn’t stopped since. At GemStone/VMware for more than a decade, he has designed or implemented many aspects of the GemStone Smalltalk products. Other career highlights include developing embedded and robotic systems in FORTH and assembly language, data modeling and architecting a telecommunications order processing system, designing and prototyping embedded hardware, and touring with a high-tech juggling troupe. When he’s not in front of a computer, he can often be found contra dancing or blowing glass.

James Savidge (Cincom Systems, Inc.)

James Savidge started his career when the college he was attending hired him to help students debug their programming projects.  In his first professional Smalltalk project during the late 1980’s, he was part of a team on a “bleeding edge” project that tried to bring the power of Smalltalk to maintainers of legacy C and C++ code.  Despite the cancelation of that project, he continued to seek out other Smalltalk projects and worked with teams that used the environment for process and machine control, user interface design and implementation, e-Commerce, programmer development tools, and business database systems. Along the way, he started the Smalltalk Jobs database, and continues to be one of the volunteers who provides this free service to the Smalltalk community as a way to pay back all the enjoyment he has gotten from using the language. His career has come full circle now that he is a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Cincom Systems, where he is helping customers debug their programming projects.

Dorin Sandu (Canadian Border Services Agency)

Dorin has worked with Smalltalk since 1991. He has been a TOPLink/Smalltalk and TOPLink/Java developer at The Object People and later one of the developers of Ambrai Smalltalk. He currently works for Canada Border Services Agency.

Thierry Thelliez (Doxcelerate)

Dr. Thierry Thelliez is currently co-founder and CTO for Doxcelerate, a company delivering solutions covering the life cycle of regulatory information. Dr. Thelliez has over 20 years of experience in the architecture, design, and development of complex applications. Prior to joining Doxcelerate, he was Chief Software Architect at BiosGroup, and prior to that he was a Team Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory, responsible for building complex business and scientific applications for LANL, the University of California, and the Department of Energy. As a Postdoctoral Fellow, he was in charge of designing a nuclear reactor configuration management system. Thierry was responsible for designing a database infrastructure for the future generation of clinical medical records involving a consortium of six different European countries. Thierry’s background is in expert systems, object databases and technology, temporal reasoning, multi-tier architecture, and web infrastructure.

Rob Rothwell (MioSoft Corporation)

Rob Rothwell is a consultant at MioSoft Corporation supporting RealInfo, a healthcare quality improvement platform.  He has spent the past 3 years working with MioSoft to develop RealInfo from a healthcare perspective while employed as the Decision Support Manager for the Six Sigma Department at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio.  He enjoys helping others improve their processes and arrived at this conclusion through previous employment as a Physicist, Computer Programmer, and Airborne Ranger Medic.”

Bert Barabas (MioSoft Corporation)

Bert Barabas is Vice President of Research and Development at MioSoft Corporation where he has become heavily involved in applying MioSoft’s technology to the Healthcare industry. He has successfully seen through the implementation of MioSoft’s technology in Insurance, Telecommunications, State Revenue and Transportation departments. Before MioSoft he was an Executive Consultant for IBM’s Object Technology Practice where he helped create and deliver systems into production at IBM clients in a variety of industries ranging from Food to Telecommunications to Insurance. Prior to this he was an independent consultant and architected many systems from Customer Relationship Management to Options Trading to Frequent Flyer programs. Mr. Barabas has been designing and implementing sophisticated systems for over 20 years.

Bob Nemec (Cherniak Software)

Bob Nemec is a Senior Software Architect at Cherniak Software. Bob has been developing Smalltalk applications and frameworks for 20 years, lately focusing on Seaside. He is the coordinator of the Toronto Smalltalk User Group and a former director of the Smalltalk Industry Council.

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