Smalltalk Events

August 2012 – August 2016

Aug 25 Sat
Camp Smalltalk at 2012 ESUG @ Vooruit Arts Centre vzw
Aug 25 – Monday all-day
Aug 27 Mon
20th International Smalltalk Conference (ESUG) @ Vooruit Arts Centre vzw
Aug 27 – Saturday all-day

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) is a non-profit users organization that supports all kinds of Smalltalk initiatives, especially free-open source ones that benefit the whole Smalltalk community.

Since 1993, the International Smalltalk Conference is organised by ESUG every year, with tutorials, workshops and demonstrations on various subjects.  The ESUG board is glad to announce that the 20th ESUG conference will be held in Ghent, Belgium.

Sep 9 Sun
Smalltalk Industry Conference 2013 @ Wigwam Arizona
Sep 9 – Thursday all-day
Sep 27 Thu
Agile Cambridge – “Real-Time Collaboration Workshop”
Sep 27 – Saturday all-day
Sep 28 Fri
Agile Bodensee – “Can Real-Time Collaboration create a Natural Habitat for Software Developers?”
Sep 28 – Saturday all-day
Oct 9 Tue
Vancouver Smalltalk Developers Group Meeting @ A Thinking Ape (third floor)
10:00 PM – Wednesday @ 12:00 AM

The Vancouver Smalltalk Developers Group will meet on Tuesday, October 9 at 6:00 p.m. in Gastown at the office of gaming company, “A Thinking Ape,” which is located at 322 Water Street, Vancouver, BC. (The group will meet on the building’s third floor.)

The meeting will feature a short demo of “Voyage,” which is a document-object mapper to store Smalltalk objects in MongoDB. This library is written by Esteban Lorenzano, an Argentinian developer now working for INRIA in Lille. The group will also discuss the future of the group and determine if someone wants to organize future meetings.

If you’d like to attend, it is requested that you RSVP, and group members are hoping that you may consider joining the group—they’d love to welcome you!

We hope to see you there!

Nov 19 Mon
Agile Testing Days – “Extending Continuous Integration and TDD with Continuous Testing”
Nov 19 – Friday all-day
Jun 9 Sun
Smalltalk Industry Conference 2013 @ Wigwam Arizona
Jun 9 – Wednesday all-day
Jul 18 Mon
Programming Experience 2016 (PX/16) Workshop at ECOOP @ Trevi Congress Center
Jul 18 all-day
Jul 25 Mon
UK Smalltalk User Group @ Counting House Pub
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
This is a social gathering for Smalltalkers to get together and talk about Smalltalk (the Programming Language!).
Everyone is welcome from the grizzled and experienced to the merely curious.
Aug 22 Mon
2016 European Smalltalk User Group Meeting @ Czech Technical University
Aug 22 – Friday all-day
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