Smalltalk is used to solve a wide variety of problems in many business contexts and the Smalltalk Industry Council seeks to highlight those successes.

Cincom Smalltalk Successes

With any of Cincom Smalltalk’s frameworks—Cincom® ObjectStudio® or Cincom® VisualWorks®—you get unparalleled productivity and the ability to react quickly to changing business realities. In other words, Smalltalk gives you tactical and strategic advantages over your competition—no matter what industry you are in. Ask any of Cincom’s Smalltalk clients and they’ll tell you how easy Smalltalk is to learn and use, and how fast and simple it is to create better cross-platform applications and business solutions with Smalltalk.

GemTalk Systems’ GemStone/S Successes

The GemStone/S object server provides an advanced platform for developing, deploying and managing scalable, mission-critical applications. It provides the robust, scalable, secure and flexible environment required for mission-critical applications, and supports the high-availability online environment demanded by 24X7 operations.

  • If you have a success you would like to see here, please send an email to the STIC Director here.



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